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A new angle for Third Party Missions data

25 April 2018

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Recent changes for accessing ESA's Third Party Missions are bringing new benefits to users of Earth observation data worldwide.

Through its Earthnet Programme, ESA has been providing users with access to a number of non-ESA EO missions—so called Third Party Missions (TPM)—for many years, besides supplying them with data from its own Earth observation satellites.

ESA's TPM arrangement, which currently includes over 40 instruments on more than 35 missions, has been operating for over 30 years providing EO data to users in Europe and around the world.

Source: ESA Earth Online

Image credit: European Space Imaging 2010 - Precision-farming - In this WorldView image of Viljandi, Estonia, we can clearly see various agricultural plots. Thanks to the very high-resolution images, it is possible to see the field layouts and the status of the different cultivations with high precision, thus allowing early detection of stress in vegetation, through variations of the colours (satellites having a band in the short-wavelength infrared are very sensitive to changes in the soil temperature, which could indicate a lack of water). From such images it is also possible to predict the yearly production.