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Australia stakes its claim to valuable space data with new super-satellite

03 October 2018

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The recently launched NovaSAR-1 satellite has the ability to provide high-resolution Earth imagery for disaster assessment or crop monitoring even at night or in cloudy conditions. And Australia will have direct control of the data collected.

Although Australia is a major consumer of satellite data – for applications such as weather forecasts, bushfire management, infrastructure and environmental monitoring, agriculture and mining – this information comes from hardware owned by other nations or private companies.

That changed with the launch of the NovaSAR-1 satellite earlier this month. CSIRO has invested $10.45 million in a 10 per cent share of data acquisition and tasking time over the next seven years. The UK Space Agency and Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) are also data share partners.

Source: Create Digital

Image credit: Airbus Defence and Space - NovaSAR being tested at Airbus.

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