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Can satellites see you? Can you see a satellite?

27 November 2017

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NOAA satellites have the capability to provide astounding views of the Earth. But many people want to know if these satellites can see their house, or even through their roofs and walls to the people inside.

The answer is: no.

Satellites differ greatly in the level of detail they can "see". Why can't NOAA's satellites see someone's house? Because instead of close-up high resolution images, our polar-orbiting satellites provide much more frequent coverage (twice daily) over the whole planet in order to understand global weather patterns. NOAA's fleet of satellites is designed to image the Earth through data sensors that track highly detailed information that provides the basis for 95% of our weather forecasting.

Source: NOAA

Image credit: NOAA - NOAA JPSS-1 Swath Width Illustration

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