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Copernicus for Kids: How Copernicus is preparing a new generation of responsible citizens and professionals

17 August 2018

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"Earth Observation", "Sentinels", "in situ" – these terms have become routine vocabulary for the Copernicus community. Sometimes we even consider them self-explanatory, which is not always the case for the "outsiders". Earth Observation applications are more and more present in our daily lives – they support social well-being, environmental care, research, create new jobs and new applications that significantly contribute to keeping our air clean, our forests green and our oceans healthy.

Therefore, it is our responsibility to ensure that new generations come to know Copernicus as the tool for environmental, social and economic sustainability. And we must get creative about introducing the Copernicus programme to children.

times fascinating to see how children understand Copernicus-related concepts through their own metaphors, starting from "Copernicus makes selfies of the Earth", to "planetary fitness trackers".

Source: Copernicus

Image credit: Copernicus - The Copernicus services can indeed be considered as "superheroes" who monitor the Earth and help us serve the needs of sustainability.

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