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DLRmagazine 150 – Eyes in the sky see the world changing

24 May 2016

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The latest issue of the DLRmagazine is available, and presents some of DLR's latest activities. Amongst the topics covered in this issue they look at how satellites are viewing our changing world for climate research and other applications.

The world is changing in ways that our human eyes are not able to completely observe. Satellites see it all and reveal what cannot be hidden: damage caused by natural forces or the impact of human violence on the World Heritage Site of Palmyra, for instance.

Science expands our field of view, and the DLRmagazine bears witness. In the new edition of the magazine, we learn more out about solar storms and their effects on daily life on Earth. Issue 150 provides information on current contributions to climate protection such as lightweight designs for aircraft and automobiles that produce fewer emissions and a cooperation with Rolls-Royce for environmentally friendly aircraft engines.

Source: DLR

Image credit: DLR (CC-BY 3.0) - The TanDEM-X digital elevation model shows glaciers in Spitsbergen