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DMC Constellation strengthens wide area monitoring capabilities

27 February 2019

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Airbus Defence and Space is now offering new capabilities for wide area monitoring through the DMC Constellation, bringing increased resolution (from 12 to 24m) and extra spectral bands, including Red-Edge, Blue, Coastal Blue and Panchromatic. These new assets will boost key capabilities for agriculture, environmental monitoring and disaster management applications.

Complementing existing DMC Constellation satellites, this expansion of imaging capability is possible through exclusive commercial imagery agreements for the Alsat-1B satellite mission with the Algerian Space Agency (ASAL), and for the KazSTSAT satellite mission with Ghalam LLP. This is a significant step for all parties, which ensures partners leverage Airbus' expertise in end-to-end mission operation services, while improving Airbus satellites' fleet capacities.

Source: AIRBUS

Image credit: SSTL - the KazSTSAT microsatellite with the EarthMapper payload

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