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exactView-9 launched successfully and contacted

28 September 2015

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At 04:30 UTC, 28 September 2015, PSLV-C30 launched from Sriharikota, carrying exactView-9 (EV9) alongside India's primary payload, ASTROSAT, into equatorial orbit.

The EV9 satellite was developed by the Space Flight Laboratory (SFL) for exactEarth Ltd., a leading provider of Satellite AIS (Automatic Identification System) data services. The satellite, sizing at 20x20x20cm and six-kilograms, carries an advanced ship detection receiver that will enable exactEarth to deliver high performance vessel detection when used with the company's ground-based spectrum processing technology.

"We're thrilled that we were able to develop this satellite for exactEarth," says Dr. Robert E. Zee, Director of the Space Flight Laboratory, "this remarkably small satellite packs a powerful punch and will enable exactEarth to provide much needed ship detection services in high density shipping corridors around the equatorial regions of Earth." One important application of EV9 data will be to assist governments in the fight against illegal fishing.

Source: University of Toronto Institute for Aerospace Studies - Space Flight Laboratory (UTIAS - SFL)

Image credit: SFL - PSLV-C30 launch, carrying EV9

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