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Exploring Patagonia with help from Copernicus

06 April 2018

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The Incognita Patagonia expedition investigates glacial evolution, mapping for the first time one of the most remote and unknown areas of Patagonia. The explorers are using Copernicus Sentinel data to develop a new cartographic map of Hoste Island, the second largest island in the Tierra del Fuego archipelago.

"One of the beauties of Copernicus is the democratisation in the use of its data and services. Its full, free and open data policy has proven its merits by allowing anyone anywhere in the world to access and use Copernicus data and information" stated Philippe Brunet, European Commission┬┤s Director for Space Policy, Copernicus and Defense, in his remarks during the Awards Ceremony at the Spanish Geographical Association

Source: Copernicus

Image credit: modified Copernicus Sentinel-2 data (2017), processed by the Copernicus Support Office using Sentinel Hub Playground - The Upsala Glacier is a large, and rapidly retreating glacier in the Southern Patagonian Ice Field

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