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GEOSS users and Data Provider Workshops to benefit from GEOSS enhancements

21 February 2017

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ESA is an active member of the intergovernmental Group of Earth Observation (GEO), being responsible for the implementation and operations of the GEOSS Portal, the main graphical user interface of the Global Earth Observation System of Systems (GEOSS) that allows for discovery and access to Earth observation data from more than 150 national and regional providers, covering more than 200 million open data resources already.

A major advantage of GEOSS is that all its resources (space-borne, airborne and in-situ data) are discoverable and accessible via a single point of access, a one-stop-shop or single interface for users from different application areas.

An enhanced version of the GEOSS Portal was released recently to allow for more intuitive use, multi-criteria searches and filtering including some smart filters, e.g. to filter on cloud coverage in optical imagery (Sentinel 2, Landsat) and on sensor polarisation and swath for SAR imagery (Sentinel 1).

Source: Earth Online

Image credit: ESA - The GEOSS Portal

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