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Happy Birthday Earth Observation!

25 July 2018

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This week, arguably, marks the birth of the modern Earth Observation (EO). On the 23rd July 1972, the first Landsat satellite was launched – although at the time it was called Earth Resources Technology Satellite 1 (ERTS-1) and was not named Landsat-1 until 1975. In addition, the first satellite image was received from ERTS-1 on the 26th July 1972.

Before anyone starts emailing and tweeting, I know I've previously written that the industry itself began in 1978 when Landsat-1 was deactivated and Landsat-2 took over introducing the concept of data continuity. Well, I did say ‘arguably' in the opening sentence.

We thought it would be interesting to look around the world at what's happening in the industry right now, to see how far things have moved on in the last forty-six years! Some of the things that caught our eye recently are...

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Image credit: NASA Landsat 1 (formerly known as the Earth Resources Technology Satellite – ERTS) ready for launch in 1972.

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