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Satellogic finalises 16-satellite Earth observation constellation

29 December 2014

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Satellogic, a startup company founded in Palo Alto, California with offices around the world, has finalised plans for its first wave of satellites to begin launching in the second half of 2015. The company finished the preliminary design review in December and plans to begin manufacturing in early January.

"We are gearing up to launch the first service constellation of 16 satellites next year," Emiliano Kargieman, Satellogic founder and CEO told Via Satellite. "We are also gearing up to launch the first satellites of the new generation in the second half of 2015."

Satellogic's goal is to provide real-time imaging of the entire planet on a daily basis. Kargieman envisions accomplishing this goal through a constellation that could scale up to as many as 300 small satellites in the future. He said the launches will likely take place with multiple launch providers to distribute the risk associated with any failure. The Earth observation startup Planet Labs has a similar approach, having distributed its "Dove" spacecraft aboard diverse launch vehicles. The company was able to bounce back quickly from the loss of 26 satellites during the 28 October Antares rocket failure, quickly building and manifesting two satellites for the SpaceX-5 mission in less than two weeks.

Source: Satellite Today

Image credit: Satellogic - Emiliano Kargieman, founder and CEO of Satellogic

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