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Smallsats driving innovation in propulsion technologies

29 May 2018

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Technological advances have opened up a wide range of propulsion options for satellites, but companies developing those systems don't expect a single approach to become dominant.

During a panel session at the Space Tech Expo conference here May 23, executives with several propulsion startups said that the demands for propulsion that can meet mass, volume and power constraints of small satellites were helping drive innovation in this field.

Enpulsion has developed an electric propulsion system called the IFM Nano Thruster that can fit within a one-unit cubesat form factor. The propulsion system can be used as building blocks for a larger propulsion system

Source: SpaceNews

Image credit: Space Tech Expo - Alexander Reissner, Andy T. Kieatiwong, and Patrick R. C. Neumann discuss spacecraft propulsion technologies in a panel on 23 May.

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