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We need one global network of 1000 stations to build an Earth observatory

04 January 2018

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Environmental challenges, climate change, water and food security and urban air pollution, they are all interlinked, yet each is studied as such, separately. This is not a sustainable situation, for anybody anymore. To tackle this, professor Markku Kulmala calls for a continuous, comprehensive monitoring of interactions between the planet's surface and atmosphere in his article "Build a global Earth observatory" published in Nature on 04 January, 2018.

In his article, he refers to his long experience of collecting environmental data. He has built a station, and not just one, but probably the most impressive station, called SMEAR II (Station for Measuring Ecosystem-Atmosphere Relationships), in the boreal forests of Finland showing how a rounded set of environmental measurements can be obtained.

Source: University of Helsinki

Image credit: JUHO AALTO - Hyytiälä SMEAR II