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2017 space launch statistics

31 December 2017

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The year 2017 saw a total of 90 known orbital launch attempts from seven nations and space ports in eight different countries. 2017 had the second most orbital launch attempts of any year in the current century, short of 92 launches in 2014 and showing a slight increase from 2016 that had 85 known launch attempts.

In the lead for 2017 are the United States with 29 (+1) orbital launch attempts, taking the top position on their own for the first time since 2003 after sharing it with China in 2016. Russia, having been the leader for most years since the turn of the century, ranks second in 2017 with 21 performed launches and the Chinese take third position with 18 missions. Europe's rockets flew nine times this year while Japan pushed its record for space launches conducted in a single year to seven and India took a slight step back with five launches in 2017.

Source: SPACEFLIGHT - Space News and Beyond

Image credit: SpaceX - A twice-flown Falcon 9 Booster comes in to land at Florida's Cape Canaveral

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