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BlackSky revs up satellite operations and teams up with HawkEye 360 and NRO

03 June 2019

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Seattle-based BlackSky is ramping up commercial operations of its satellite-based geospatial intelligence platform, thanks to newly announced deals with the National Reconnaissance Office and HawkEye 360, a company that has its own radio-sensing satellites in orbit.

Both deals were announced today in conjunction with the GEOINT Symposium in San Antonio.

One agreement opens the way for BlackSky to make use of the signal-detection data provided by Virginia-based HawkEye 360's formation-flying satellite constellation in its own web-based analytical services. The radio-frequency data will supplement readings in other wavelengths beamed down from BlackSky's own Global constellation for Earth observation as well as a wide range of other satellites.

Source: GeekWire

Image credit: BlackSky Illustration - An artist's conception shows BlackSky's Global satellites in orbit.