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DigitalGlobe foresees billion-dollar business in five years

27 November 2013

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Geospatial imagery and services provider DigitalGlobe, which forecasts $635 million in revenue for 2013, expects to be a billion-dollar business in five years by increasing its share of its current $2 billion imagery market, establishing rights in the $10 billion market for geospatial information and tapping into the $30 billion market for information services.

In a series of presentations to investors on 20 November, DigitalGlobe said it is beginning, in effect, to ride the revenue wave produced by its imagery as it works its way from the initial buyers of relatively raw data; to maps for location-based services to users in agriculture, retail sales and other industries; and continues into analyses used in energy extraction, leisure boating and even crime prevention.

Jeffrey R. Tarr, chief executive of Longmont, Colo.-based DigitalGlobe, made clear that the company's forecasted 10 percent annual growth in the coming years will not climb to the $40 billion headline number attached to the markets in which DigitalGlobe has set its ambition.

Source: Space News

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