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Emerging projects featured in 2013 Earth Science Technology Showcase

02 December 2013

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Earthzine has partnered with the NASA Earth Science Technology Office (ESTO) to produce this inaugural "Earth Science Technology Showcase," an online forum that features 10 current Earth-observing technology development projects. ESTO principal investigators have submitted articles that highlight their work in developing new and emerging technologies that can enable future Earth science measurements.

ESTO funds and manages advanced technology projects - through regular peer-reviewed solicitations - including instruments, components, and information systems technology that could be used to reach new levels of measurement accuracy, take new measurements of the Earth, help to model and visualize data, and increase access to NASA's data products.

Since the formation of the Technology Office in 1998, the ESTO portfolio has grown to more than 700 technology development projects, 98 of which are active. Projects developed over the last 15 years have been infused into NASA's Earth-observing, remote-sensing missions and airborne campaigns, incorporated into other NASA projects, and used as part of commercial satellites and data systems.

Source: Earthzine

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