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Voyaging for the Sentinels

09 March 2018

Two recent expeditions that took scientists 26,000 km across the Atlantic Ocean have returned critical information to make sure that the Copernicus Sentinel satellites are delivering accurate data about the state of our oceans.

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Aerospace Corp's iLab encourages out-of-the-box thinking without leaving home

07 March 2018

Instead of designing satellites years before they launch to perform specific tasks, what if small multi-purpose satellites were designed for a variety of jobs? And what if those satellites could be launched separately before linking in orbit to perform one mission, then reconfigured to tackle a different job?

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2018 Farming by Satellite Prize launched in European Parliament

06 March 2018

Registration for the 4th Farming by Satellite Prize was officially opened at the conference "Agriculture: a new frontier for the European space policy" in the European Parliament on 06 March. The aim of the prize is to promote Europe's Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) and Earth Observation (EO) services in agriculture.

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Toward a satellite-based monitoring system for water quality

06 March 2018

A workshop last September introduced the concept and possible capabilities of using satellite imagery to monitor water quality in near-real time.

Special Issue of ISPRS journal - Urban environment mapping using GIS

26 February 2018

An upcoming special issue of the ISPRS international journal is dedicated to providing an overview of space-borne and airborne remote sensing and GIS research. It will focus on applications for urban areas and will explore future trends of concepts, methods, implementations, validations and applications.

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Will ThinSats inspire the next generation of engineers and scientists?

22 February 2018

When Orbital ATK's Antares rocket blasts off from Wallops Island, Virginia, this fall on its way to the International Space Station, the rocket's second stage will carry an unusual payload: one cubesat and 63 ThinSats, miniature satellites shaped like a slice of bread.

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NASA gears up for brisk launch pace starting with weather satellite

14 February 2018

Engineers at NASA's Kennedy Space Center tasked with overseeing launches of scientific satellites and interplanetary probes will be responsible later this year for ensuring six major missions safely get into space over a span of a little more than six months, beginning with the launch of NOAA's new GOES-S weather observatory on an Atlas 5 rocket on 01 March.

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Global network to use big data to protect Earth

13 February 2018

China is building a global big data network to study Earth and support research on climate change, as well as predict and mitigate natural disasters, scientists said on Monday 12 February.

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How will the Earth observation market evolve with the rise of AI?

07 February 2018

For the Earth-observation industry, 2017 was an eventful year. Several trends emerged that could transform the market landscape as profoundly as the proliferation of smallsats already have.

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Rain in Spain? Look to the Pacific

06 February 2018

European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts (ECMWF) Principal Scientist, Dr Tony McNally, from the EUMETSAT Numerical Weather Prediction SAF, says regular investigations into how well weather forecasts perform, both in "normal" conditions and "extreme" weather events, are carried out to evaluate the impact of satellite data on accuracy.

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Copernicus Emergency Management Service: serving crisis managers around the world

02 February 2018

Copernicus is not just a space programme, it is first and foremost a people's programme. The Sentinel satellites orbit the Earth and observe our planet from space, while its Copernicus Emergency Management Service benefit people by allowing to better respond to disasters and provide humanitarian aid through free of charge satellite-enabled emergency management products.

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Experts review ocean surface observations for NWP

29 January 2018

More than 50 ocean and data assimilation experts came together at ECMWF from 22 to 25 January to discuss the way forward for the use of observations of sea-surface temperature (SST) and sea ice in numerical weather prediction (NWP) and climate applications.

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NASA covers wildfires from many sources

24 January 2018

NASA's satellite instruments are often the first to detect wildfires burning in remote regions, and the locations of new fires are sent directly to land managers worldwide within hours of the satellite overpass.

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Spire Global is expanding cubesat constellation to offer persistent global view

10 January 2018

A constellation of 100 to 200 radio occultation satellites, which provide detailed observations of atmospheric temperature and moisture, could be used in conjunction with geostationary weather satellites like NOAA's Geostationary Operational Environmental Satellite-16 to dramatically improve the accuracy and spatial resolution of global weather prediction models, Spire's global validation model director, MacDonald said.

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NOAA sees great promise and challenges in using data from small satellite constellations

08 January 2018

NOAA is concerned whether data products from small satellite constellations will be available over the long-term and if so, whether prices will remain stable or fluctuate over time.

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What happened to the 2007 Earth science decadal survey missions?

05 January 2018

Ten years after the National Academies published the first Earth science decadal survey, NASA has flown one of the 15 recommended missions with two more scheduled to launch in 2018.

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We need one global network of 1000 stations to build an Earth observatory

04 January 2018

Environmental challenges, climate change, water and food security and urban air pollution, they are all interlinked, yet each is studied as such, separately. This is not a sustainable situation, for anybody anymore. To tackle this, professor Markku Kulmala calls for a continuous, comprehensive monitoring of interactions between the planet's surface and atmosphere in his article "Build a global Earth observatory" published in Nature on 04 January, 2018.

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Nationwide search begins for young space entrepreneurs

02 January 2018

The UK Space Agency is offering young people expert advice for their ideas of how satellites could improve life on Earth and a share of a £50,000 prize.

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Philippines to focus on space agency and satellites in 2018

02 January 2018

The Department of Science and Technology (DOST) in the Philippines is on the verge of creating a national space agency in 2018.

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2017 space launch statistics

31 December 2017

The year 2017 saw a total of 90 known orbital launch attempts from seven nations and space ports in eight different countries. 

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