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ESA’s ɸ-week 2019 opens with a flourish

09 September 2019

Following the success of last year's ɸ-week, this year's event promises to be even more exciting. With the conference room packed to the gunwales, ɸ-week 2019 kicked off this afternoon at ESA's centre of Earth observation in Italy with a series of stimulating talks, lively debate and an announcement of a new initiative.

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Greta Thunberg arrives in New York for UN Climate Talks

27 August 2019

Climate campaigner Greta Thunberg has arrived in New York after a two-week sail across the Atlantic, ready to attend the United Nations Climate Action Summit at the end of September.

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China successfully conducts first launch of Smart Dragon-1 small satellite launch vehicle

17 August 2019

For the fourth time in less than 10 months – and the second one to claim a successful flight – China has debuted a new small satellite launch vehicle based on solid rocket motors with a payload of less than one tonne to Low Earth Orbit. The Smart Dragon-1 (SD-1) rocket, also known by its Chinese name Jielong-1, lifted off from the mobile launch pad at the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center in northwestern China today at 04:11 UTC. Chinese media has later declared the launch a success.

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July 2019 was hottest month on record for the planet

15 August 2019

Much of the planet sweltered in unprecedented heat in July, as temperatures soared to new heights in the hottest month ever recorded. The record warmth also shrank Arctic and Antarctic sea ice to historic lows.

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LeoLabs unveils commercial satellite tracking service for small satellites

05 August 2019

LeoLabs, a space situational awareness company, unveiled a small satellite tracking service called LeoTrack Aug. 5 at the Small Satellite Conference here.

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DARPA's satellite servicing robot to get another shot

29 July 2019

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) is considering proposals from potential new partners for its program to send a robot to space to repair satellites. DARPA suffered a major setback in January when Maxar withdrew from the project known as Robotic Servicing of Geosynchronous Satellites, or RSGS. Now the agency wants to give it one more try.

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Strengthening the research and development and innovation capacity for the evolution of Copernicus

25 July 2019

European Union and Member States' investment into the development and operation of Copernicus provides the necessary data resources for the realization of innovative solutions to crucial societal challenges.

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NewSpace startups riding on technology innovations

23 July 2019

Innovations in sensor technology, small satellites and new constellations are opening a plethora of opportunities in earth observation industry, opening the doors for NewSpace startups

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10 projects funded to extend UK’s leadership in Earth Observation

16 July 2019

The UK's capabilities were boosted today with 10 projects receiving a share of £2m to develop technologies that could transform weather forecasting and the study of climate change.

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‘UAE to come back stronger with the launch of Falcon Eye 2 soon’

14 July 2019

The loss of the Falcon Eye 1 satellite last week will not deter the UAE from pursuing its ambitious space programme but will propel it to soar higher with its Falcon Eye 2 launch "very soon", a senior official said.

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U.S. has its wettest 12 months on record – again

09 July 2019

Rain – and plenty of it – was the big weather story in June, adding to a record-breaking 12 months of precipitation for the contiguous U.S. It's the third consecutive time in 2019 (April, May and June) the past 12-month precipitation record has hit an all-time high.

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Airbus to develop CO3D Earth Observation programme for CNES

09 July 2019

The French Space Agency (CNES) has awarded the CO3D (Constellation Optique 3D) contract to Airbus. Under this agreement, Airbus will deliver a global high-resolution Digital Surface Model (DSM).

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EUMETSAT will open pilot big data services to all users in Autumn 2019

02 July 2019

The EUMETSAT Council has agreed to open four pilot 'big data' services to all users of the organisation's meteorological and climate data in Autumn 2019.

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Startup shares disaster imagery, but at what cost?

28 June 2019

Government space agencies and multinational corporations have well-established mechanisms in place to respond to requests for imagery in the wake of fires, floods or other disasters. For Iceye, the Finnish firm that launched the first small radar satellite in 2018, the frequent requests pose challenges.

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The extreme technology transforming space engineering

27 June 2019

This year marks the 50th anniversary of the first Apollo moon landing. This was possible thanks to an extraordinary acceleration of space technology. Within a remarkably short period of time leading up to the event, engineers had mastered rocket propulsion, on-board computing and space operations, partially thanks to an essentially unlimited budget.

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International Charter uses satellite data to assist disaster response

25 June 2019

Set up towards the end of 2000, the International Charter Space and Major Disasters has so far provided satellite images to support rescue operations in 610 major disasters in 125 countries.

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China offers customised weather satellite services to BRI countries

20 June 2019

China is to deliver customised data services to 22 more countries along the Belt and Road through its Fengyun meteorological satellites.

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Firefly opens first rocket flight to entrepreneurs, students

17 June 2019

In a bid to attract more customers and employees into Firefly's aerospace activities, the startup plans to offer valuable payload space to these two groups on its first Alpha rocket flight in December.

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Indian space station can double up as earth observation satellites

14 June 2019

Indian scientists say that Indian space station can double up as earth observation satellites with the installation of necessary instruments like cameras.

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Virgin to join Polish start-up for nanosatellites

07 June 2019

Poland's space sector rides the astral wave as Richard Branson's Virgin Orbit signs a letter of intent to cooperate with Wrocław-based SatRevolution startup to put nanosatellites in space.

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