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Separation in space

04 April 2014

Superb footage was acquired by cameras on the Soyuz Fregat upper stage that released Sentinel-1 into orbit on 3 April 2014. It shows the Sentinel-1 satellite separating from the Fregat to start its life in orbit around Earth.

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Sentinel-1 performs opening dance routine

04 April 2014

Following its launch yesterday, Sentinel-1A has performed a carefully choreographed 10-hour dance routine to open its large radar antenna and solar wings.

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Sentinel data free and open for pre-registration

31 March 2014

In anticipation of the launch for Sentinel-1A, the European Space Agency is pleased to announce the possibility for users to pre-register for online access to Sentinel data.

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Monitoring air quality takes next step

28 March 2014

With air pollution linked to millions of deaths around the world, it has never been more important to monitor the air we breathe. Today marks a significant step forward as a deal is secured to build a crucial space sensor for tracking the world’s air quality.

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eoPortal website updated

26 March 2014

The eoPortal website has been updated and the site is now fully consolidated on a single platform. The previous content remains, and the new site offers an upgraded interface and new features.

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Inmarsat points to Indian Ocean as MH370 crash site

24 March 2014

Engineers from Inmarsat, a London-based communications satellite operator, pioneered a 'peer-reviewed' data analysis technique using simple electronic signals from the lost Malaysian airliner that disappeared earlier this month to determine the jet crashed in the southern Indian Ocean, officials said Monday.

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EUMETSAT launches youth education website

24 March 2014

EUMETSAT has launched a new youth education web site, the Learning Zone, to stimulate interest among young people and teachers in the role of satellites in monitoring the weather and climate.

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NOAA seeks boost for satellite programs great and small in 2015 budget

21 March 2014

The U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration requested a $165 million increase for its satellite division in 2015.

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International Charter activated for missing Malaysian airliner

17 March 2014

The International Charter: Space and Major Disasters was activated on 11 March 2014 following a request from the China Meteorological Administration for satellite imagery to assist in the search for the missing Malaysian airliner MH370.

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OGC netCDF: Powerful tool for science

14 March 2014

In order to unleash the full potential of Geographical Information Systems (GIS), better interoperability is needed between the traditional GIS and those in a community we sometimes refer to as the "fluid Earth systems" or FES, which pertains mostly to oceanography and atmospheric sciences.

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Satellite crowdsourcing adds 2 million searchers for missing jet

13 March 2014, a crowdsourcing website run by DigitalGlobe Inc. (DGI), has tapped more than 2 million people to scan through satellite images searching for clues about missing Malaysian Airline Systems Bhd. (MAS) Flight 370.

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A chat with Bob Twiggs, father of the CubeSat

08 March 2014

Two university professors never expected their idea to expand aerospace engineering education outside of the classroom would help democratise access to space, but the CubeSat revolution shows no signs of stopping, with everyone from Silicon Valley start-ups to intelligence agencies taking notice.

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UoSAT-2 clocks up an outstanding 30 years of in-orbit operations

05 March 2014

Surrey Satellite Technology Ltd and the Surrey Space Centre are celebrating a remarkable thirty years of in-orbit operations from one of its earliest satellites, UoSAT-2, which was launched on a Delta rocket on 01 March 1984 from the Vandenberg Air Force Base in the USA.

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Tournament Earth 2014: Which image will win it?

03 March 2014

Thirty-two have been called, but which will be chosen? NASA's Earth Observatory is hosting the second annual Tournament Earth, a reader-driven competition to choose the previous year's top NASA image of our planet.

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International Charter Newsletter- Issue 8 released

28 February 2014

The eighth issue of the International Charter Newsletter is now available to download.

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German-Korean industrial team to build KOMPSAT-6 radar imager

26 February 2014

The high-resolution imaging radar for South Korea's KOMPSAT-6 Earth observation satellite will be built by LIG Nex1 Co. Ltd. of Korea and Airbus Defence and Space's German arm under a contract announced 26 February.

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How to catch a satellite

21 February 2014

Standard space dockings are difficult enough, but a future ESA mission plans to capture derelict satellites adrift in orbit. Part of an effort to control space debris, the shopping list of new technologies this ambitious mission requires is set for discussion with industry experts.

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Must-follow Twitter feeds for Earth observation

20 February 2014

Earth observation (EO) data comes from all over and in countless forms: from satellites orbiting hundreds of miles above our planet, from marine buoys riding currents in every ocean basin, and from seismic sensors deep within the Earth. This cornucopia of data is shared at conferences, viewed online via an ever-growing number of portals, and on Twitter.

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ESA selects themes for EO Thematic Exploitation Platforms

17 February 2014

In September 2013 ESA's Directorate of Earth Observation Programmes (D-EOP) opened a Request For Information (RFI) directed at collecting ideas for the implementation of Thematic Exploitation Platforms (TEPs) as part of the evolution of the Earth Observation Ground Segment (GS) operations concept.

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Looking forward to another 10 years of science on board the International Space Station

15 February 2014

The world can change in a decade, as we well know. The same is true in space. Over the last ten years, the International Space Station (ISS) has been producing results at an extraordinary rate. 

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