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First images from SPOT 7 satellite within three days after launch

04 July 2014

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Airbus Defence and Space has published the first images obtained from the SPOT 7 satellite, a mere three days after its launch on 30 June.

The entire chain - from satellite programming and image acquisition to telemetry reception and processing - was successfully put into operation to deliver these first spectacular images on 4 July 2014. These images show highly diverse landscapes, revealing SPOT 7's full potential in terms of natural resource and urban zone mapping and agri-environmental monitoring.

The SPOT 6/7 constellation is now in place and considerably improves the capabilities and performance offered by SPOT 5, which has been in operation since 2002 and which is scheduled to be decommissioned from commercial service during the first quarter of 2015. This new constellation offers a higher resolution, greater programming reactivity and a much higher volume of images acquired daily (in monoscopic or stereoscopic mode).

Source: Airbus Defence and Space

Image credit: Airbus Defence and Space 2014 - La Reunion Island, as seen by SPOT 7

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