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Megha-Tropiques Successfully Completes Seven Years in Orbit

13 October 2018

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Megha-Tropiques satellite was built by ISRO and CNES as a Joint Venture. The satellite is meant to study water cycle and energy exchanges in tropical region for weather prediction and climate research. Megha-Tropiques was launched on 12th October 2011 from SDSC, Shriharikota. The satellite has successfully completed seven years of on-orbit observations with four Science instruments on board, namely, MADRAS, SAPHIR, SCARAB and ROSA. Megha-Tropiques provides scientific data on the contribution of the water cycle to the tropical atmosphere, with information on condensed water in clouds, water vapour in the atmosphere, precipitation, and evaporation.

All science instruments provided valuable data to the user community. Many national and international papers have been generated by utilizing these datas. The Global response for the Announcement of Opportunities for science data utilisation of the instruments on-board Megha-Tropiques has been good and is increasing with time.

Source: ISRO

Image credit: Department of Space Indian Space Research Organisation - Megha-Tropiques Successfully Completes Seven Years in Orbit

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