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NOAA GOES-17 sends ‘first light’ image to Earth

03 April 2018

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The 'first-light' has been received from the recently launched NOAA GOES-17 satellite! On 22 March 2018, the GOES-17 Magnetometer (MAG) became the first instrument on the satellite to begin transmitting data. The Magnetometers on the GOES-R series of satellites (including GOES-16, currently GOES East, and now GOES-17), can observe more wave frequencies, at five times higher resolution, allowing us to conduct new research into space weather. The space weather products from the magnetometer data can help scientists better forecast the likelihood that elevated levels of dangerous energetic particles will occur during events like solar flares.

Source: NOAA

Image credit: NOAA - Data from the outboard Magnetometer instrument on board GOES-17

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