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Release of Swarm-Aurora and the Conjunction Finder

07 February 2017

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ESA's Swarm mission explores Earth's magnetic environment. Its observations are taken in the ionosphere, where currents powered by the solar-terrestrial interaction produce magnetic fields that add to that of the Earth. These external currents flow throughout the vast magnetosphere, along magnetic field lines to Earth's ionosphere, couple to global-scale ionospheric currents, and are of fundamental importance in auroral processes. Swarm offers an exciting opportunity for studying the aurora and geospace.

There are now more than twenty satellites providing in situ measurements of key geospace processes. At the same time, extensive networks of ground-based instruments provide a view of the multi-scale ionospheric consequences of geospace dynamics and MI coupling. These ground-based networks include powerful imaging systems that provide an unprecedented combination of extent of coverage, and time and space resolution.

Source: ESA

Image credit: ESA - Aurora

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