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ResourceSat-2A completes one year in space

01 January 2018

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India, with nearly 3.3 million geographical area, is endowed with natural resources such as forests, crop lands, water resources, minerals, wetlands, snow and glaciers etc. The accurate information on the availability of natural resources and their optimal management is vital for sustainable development and overall socio-economic growth of the country.

Resourcesat series of satellites, with a unique 3 tier imaging capability, have created its own ‘niche' in catering to multitude of applications, specifically in the area of land and water resources management. The first satellite of Resourcesat series, Resourcesat-1 was launched in the year 2003 followed by Resourcesat-2 in year 2011.

Source: ISRO

Image credit: ISRO - Improved Revisit has helped in Capturing the Growing Dynamics of Vegetation

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