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Russia’s AIST-2D experimental satellite delivers first images

08 July 2016

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A colourful copper mine, sports stadiums in Greece and Kazakhstan's Capital were among the first sites imaged by Russia's Aist-2D satellite, as seen in the mission's first-light photos released by Roscosmos this week.

AIST-2D was one of two primary payloads lifted aboard the first Soyuz launching from the new Vostochny Cosmodrome in Russia's far eastern region. Riding side-by-side atop the Soyuz workhorse were AIST-2D and Lomonosov, both weighing in at over 500 Kilograms, along with a small 3U CubeSat ejected into a Sun-Synchronous Orbit.

The 28 April liftoff marked the grand opening of the Vostochny Cosmodrome and Soyuz headed into clear skies under the watchful eyes of Russia's top officials including president Putin. Soyuz 2-1A and its Volga upper stage operated as advertised and released their payloads into a circular orbit just below 500 kilometres in altitude.

Source: Spaceflight101

Image credit: TsSKB Progress - AIST-2D