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Sentinel-3A fully tanked

04 February 2016

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With the launch of Sentinel-3A confirmed for 16 February, preparations for liftoff are charging full speed ahead. The tricky task of fuelling the satellite has now been ticked off the 'to do list' and the propulsion team is already decontaminating their equipment before returning home.

Official confirmation of the new launch date had to come before the team could start this delicate operation.

The hydrazine fuel is extremely toxic so only a few specialists remained in the cleanroom during fuelling. A doctor and security staff waited nearby with an ambulance and fire engine ready to respond to any problems.

After fuelling, the tank was pressurised to an 'intermediate level' and left to stabilise overnight. The following day, the team gradually increased the pressure to the level needed.

Source: European Space Agency (ESA)

Image credit: ESA - Fueling complete

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