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TEMPO gets a taste of Space - on Earth

27 June 2018

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An instrument that will one day measure air pollution from space is getting a taste of what space is like — but in a Colorado testing facility. Tropospheric Emissions: Monitoring of Pollution, or TEMPO, is undergoing thermal vacuum chamber testing at Ball Aerospace and Technologies Corp. in Boulder. The test, which simulates the extreme heat and cold of outer space, will verify that TEMPO can survive the less-than-welcoming environment of its eventual home.

Scheduled to launch on a commercial satellite within the next few years, TEMPO will monitor major air pollutants across North America hourly and in greater detail than ever before. TEMPO was competitively selected through NASA's Earth Venture Instrument program. It is the first project funded by the program, which supports small, targeted science investigations designed to complement NASA's larger research missions.

Source: NASA

Image credit: Ball Aerospace and Technologies Corp - TEMPO being installed in the vacuum chamber

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