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The 2nd Generation Meteosat-8 satellite takes over Meteosat-7 over the Indian Ocean

01 February 2017

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Meteosat-8 belongs to the second generation of Meteosats and is much more capable than the first generation Meteosat-7. It delivers imagery from 12 instead of 3 spectral channels with higher spatial resolution and with an increased frequency, every 15 instead of 30 minutes. Of the 12 spectral channels, 11 provide measurements with a resolution of 3 km at the sub-satellite point. The twelfth, so-called High Resolution Visible channel, provides measurements with a resolution of 1 km.

In the context of the World Meteorological Organisation's Integrated Global Observation System and in partnership with India, Russia and China, EUMETSAT thus continues its best effort contribution to observations of the Indian Ocean from geostationary orbit.


Image credit: EUMETSAT - First operational image of the Indian Ocean region taken by Meteosat-8 at 10:12 UTC

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