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Canadian satellite SCISAT celebrating 10 years of scientific measurements

22 October 2013

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The Canadian Space Agency is proud to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the SCISAT mission. Launched on 12 August 2003, SCISAT is helping a team of Canadian and international scientists improve their understanding of the depletion and recovery of the ozone layer, with a special emphasis on the changes occurring over Canada and in the Arctic.

SCISAT has surpassed expectations by lasting 10 years to date. It delivers valuable data on climate change, air quality and pollution in support of international environmental policy aimed at protecting the ozone layer.

Walter Natynczyk, President of the Canadian Space Agency added: "Earth Observation missions are an essential part of the Canadian Space Program. SCISAT represents a highly successful science mission that enabled Canadian industry to develop and demonstrate instruments and spacecraft expertise. At the same time it has enabled academia and government departments to develop cutting-edge scientific use of satellite data for atmospheric science. Originally planned as a two-year mission, SCISAT's instruments continue to provide information about more than 30 different molecular species, which is more than have ever been thoroughly measured from space. SCISAT delivers excellent data related not only to ozone depletion, but also to climate change, air quality and pollution. Undoubtedly, SCISAT's mission is a great Canadian success story."

Source: Canadian Space Agency (CSA)

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