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Skybox Imaging's hopes high as launch of first satellites draws near

14 October 2013

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Skybox Imaging executives gathered 09 October in the company's parking lot to see the startup imagery provider's first satellite boxed up for its journey to the Yasny launch site in Russia, where it is scheduled to lift off 21 November on a Russian Dnepr rocket.

The executives clearly were pleased to reach that milestone more than five years after the firm's founders originally set their sights on sending a robotic spacecraft to the Moon to compete for the multimillion-dollar Google Lunar X Prize. The financial crisis quickly squelched those dreams and persuaded the crew of four Stanford University graduate students to look for new markets that could benefit from emerging space and information technologies.

"We talked to folks who used satellite-based data," said Dan Berkenstock, Skybox executive vice president and chief product officer. "What we came across was a hunger to move commercial Earth observation and remote sensing beyond mapping to subscription analytics and data streams."

Source: Space News