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New Earth Venture mission to provide snapshot of 'average' atmosphere - Missing data point

05 May 2015

Scientists know more about the chemical makeup of the lower atmosphere following forest fires, sand storms, volcanic eruptions and other natural events than they do about its composition on less calamitous days - a missing, but important data point in climate-change research that a new NASA Earth Venture mission called the Atmospheric Tomography Mission (ATom), aims to furnish.

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Tropical Storm Noul

This composite image of Tropical Storm Noul was generated at 12:00 (UTC) on 5 May 2015, days before the storm strengthened and passed over the Philippines as a Super Typhoon.

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PROBA-V maps world air traffic from space

07 May 2015

As ESA's PROBA-V works quietly on its main task of monitoring vegetation growth across Earth, the minisatellite is also picking up something from a little higher: signals from thousands of aircraft.

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Space technology identifies vulnerable regions in west Africa

11 May 2015

A group of international researchers led by the Centre for Landscape and Climate Research at the University of Leicester have used space satellite technology to identify regions of West Africa which are vulnerable to the effects of land degradation through climate change.

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Himalayan 'drop after Nepal quake'

08 May 2015

The height of a swathe of the Himalayas has dropped by around one metre as a result of the devastating Nepal earthquake, scientists say.

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EC-Earth moves towards improved Earth system model

07 May 2015

A two-day meeting of the EC-Earth consortium, hosted by ECMWF on 5 and 6 May, reviewed progress in developing an improved Earth system model for fresh insights into climate change.

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2nd COSPAR Symposium

09 - 13 November 2015

Contact: COSPAR Secretariat c/o CNES -

Organisation: Committee on Space Research (COSPAR)

Location: Foz do IguaƧu, Brazil

Symposium Overview:

COSPAR has initiated a new series of scientific meetings, the Symposia, aimed at promoting space research at a regional level and to be organised in countries with medium or small size space infrastructures. The theme of the 2nd Symposium will be "Water and Life in the Universe". It will feature plenary lectures as well as parallel sessions and poster sessions.

Topics include:

  • Water and life in the universe and on Earth: impact on human consciousness and societies
  • Satellite and probe missions for water remote sensing on Earth, planets, and other celestial bodies
  • Water and Life in the Solar System
  • Water from chemical, biological, and physical perspectives
  • Role of water from the ground to the upper atmosphere

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