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Sentinel-2B launch preparations off to a flying start

12 January 2017

Some of us may be easing ourselves gently into the New Year, but for the team readying Sentinel-2B for liftoff on 7 March it's full steam ahead.

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Water, water everywhere

The palm tree-fringed beaches of the Maldives give the appearance of an island paradise. But behind the tiny island nation lies a more complicated story.

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Commercial Earth-observing craft recover from off-target launch

11 January 2017

Two Chinese satellites launched into the wrong orbit last month have reached their planned perch at an altitude of around 300 miles (500 kilometres) and sent back their first high-resolution views of Earth for their Beijing-based commercial owner.

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First colour image for joint UK and Algerian CubeSat

09 January 2017

AlSat Nano, a UK-Algeria CubeSat mission, has captured its first full colour image following its launch in September 2016.

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Huge Antarctic iceberg poised to break away

06 January 2017

An iceberg expected to be one of the 10 largest ever recorded is ready to break away from Antarctica, scientists say.

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NASA plans another busy year for Earth Science fieldwork

12 January 2017

NASA scientists are criss-crossing the globe in 2017 - from a Hawaiian volcano to Colorado mountain tops and west Pacific islands - to investigate critical scientific questions about how our planet is changing and what impacts humans are having on it.

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Fourth Swarm Science Meeting & geodetic missions workshop

20 - 24 March 2017

Organisation: European Space Agency (ESA)

Location: Banff, Alberta, Canada

Workshop overview:

In these co-located meetings the European Space Agency aims to address science, applications and services in the context of its Earth Explorer series of missions, ranging in focus from the Earth's outer core to the magnetosphere. Specifically, as the Swarm mission is about to complete three years of extremely successful science operations, the meeting will bring together the wider international scientific community to explore and develop scientific and application synergies and to propel the mission into its next phase.

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