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Egyptian observation satellite launched by Russian rocket

21 February 2019

A Soyuz rocket, with the help of a Fregat upper stage, delivered an Egyptian Earth observation satellite into a polar orbit at an altitude of more than 400 miles (650 kilometers) Thursday, overcoming an apparent technical problem after launching from the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan, according to Russian news reports.

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Countdown to calving at Antarctica's Brunt Ice Shelf

Cracks growing across Antarctica's Brunt Ice Shelf are poised to release an iceberg with an area about twice the size of New York City. It is not yet clear how the remaining ice shelf will respond following the break, posing an uncertain future for scientific infrastructure and a human presence on the shelf that was first established in 1955. The image, from the Operational Land Imager (OLI) on Landsat 8, shows the area on 23 January, 2019.

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Landsat: the Cornerstone of Global Land Imaging

20 February 2019

The Landsat satellites provide an uninterrupted space-based data record of the Earth's land surface to help advance scientific research towards understanding our changing planet.

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Post Matthew Damage Assessment and Monitoring of Recovery Activities and rural areas in the South Region of Haiti

21 February 2019

On 4 October 2016, the Category 4 Hurricane Matthew ravaged the southern region of Haiti causing widespread damage with wind speeds as high as 230 km/h and torrential rain. In some areas it was reported that more than 95% of buildings as well as trees and agriculture were almost completely destroyed.

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Declaration on transition to MTG adopted at ministerial level

22 February 2019

The 4th Session of the African Ministerial Conference on Meteorology (AMCOMET) took place this week in Cairo, Egypt. Yesterday, ministers endorsed the Abidjan Declaration in support of the new generation of meteorological satellite products.

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Central America Unites to Take a Nanosatellite to Space

24 February 2019

The Central American Association of Aeronautics and Space (ACAE) announced today the development of a new project that will put Central America once again in space. This is the construction of a CubeSat (a small satellite or nanosatellite) which will have as a scientific mission to measure the exposure to flood watershed selected in the Central American region and thus be able to prevent the impact caused by them.

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ICEOA 2019 : 21st International Conference on Earth Observation and Applications

20 - 21 May 2019

Organisation: International Research Conference

Location: Vancouver, Canada

Abstracts/full-text paper submission deadline (extended): 28 February 2019

Early bird registration deadline: 19 April 2019

Course Overview:The International Research Conference is a federated organization dedicated to bringing together a significant number of diverse scholarly events for presentation within the conference program. Events will run over a span of time during the conference depending on the number and length of the presentations.

ICEOA 2019: 21st International Conference on Earth Observation and Applications aims to bring together leading academic scientists, researchers and research scholars to exchange and share their experiences and research results on all aspects of Earth Observation and Applications. It also provides a premier interdisciplinary platform for researchers, practitioners and educators to present and discuss the most recent innovations, trends, and concerns as well as practical challenges encountered and solutions adopted in the fields of Earth Observation and Applications.

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