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Airbus leveraging partnerships, investments to deliver greater ground truth

19 October 2018

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In August, Airbus Intelligence, a key player in the global geospatial industry, announced its Zephyr high-altitude drone set a world record, remaining aloft for nearly 26 days while gathering high-resolution imagery of Arizona. Airbus is investing heavily in Zephyr and Pléiades Neo, a constellation of four high-resolution electro-optical satellites, to enhance its Earth imagery, data and applications portfolio.

François Lombard, who took the helm at Airbus Intelligence in early 2017, is encouraging this type of innovation and partnerships like the ones formed recently with Earth observation constellation operator Planet and Orbital Insight, a geospatial analytics company. Lombard spoke with SpaceNewscorrespondent Debra Werner in September at the World Satellite Business Week conference in Paris.

Source: Space News

Image credit: Airbus - Airbus' high-endurance Zephyr UAVs are designed to complement remote-sensing satellites by providing persistent coverage over a limited geographic area.

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