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NASA evaluates commercial small-sat Earth data for science

04 October 2018

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NASA has launched a pilot program to evaluate how Earth science data from commercial small-satellite constellations could supplement observations from the agency's fleet of orbiting Earth science missions. On 28 September, the agency awarded sole-source contracts to acquire test data sets from three private sector organizations.

NASA's Earth Science Division in Washington issued blanket purchase agreements for the "Private Sector Small Constellation Satellite Data Product Pilot" program. Under these agreements, the agency purchases data sets and related products based on observations derived from Earth-orbiting, small-satellite constellations designed and operated by non-governmental entities.

Source: NASA

Image credit: SPIRE - NASA awarded contracts to acquire test satellite data sets from three private sector organizations including SPIRE, which operates the LEMUR-2 constellation of 3U CubeSat satellites.

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