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New partnership aids sustainable growth with Earth observations

23 February 2018

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NASA and the non-profit Conservation International are partnering to use global Earth observations from space to improve regional efforts that assess natural resources for conservation and sustainable management.

Under a three-year agreement signed on 22 February, NASA will support two Conservation International-led initiatives, one focused on land ecosystems in Africa, the other on water resources along the Mekong River in Southeast Asia. NASA researchers will analyse and model remote-sensing data from the agency's fleet of Earth-observing missions and commercial satellites, mapping ecosystems at regional and national scales. Satellite data, with its coverage of broad swaths of terrain, are critical for understanding the impacts of human activity on the environment.

Source: NASA

Image credit: Conservation International/John McCormack - An aerial shot of the Vumbura Plains in the Okavango Delta, Botswana. NASA and Conservation International are partnering to map and value ecosystems in Botswana and other African countries that are members of the Gaborone Declaration for Sustainability in Africa.