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Satellite project to protect threatened ecosystems will monitor Kenya’s forests in near real-time

21 April 2016

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Researchers from the University of Leicester will be travelling to Kenya from 25 – 29 April to kick off a new satellite project that aims to monitor the world's forests in near real-time.

The researchers hope that it will help forest land owners and national agencies to protect biodiversity and reduce climate change through the rapid detection of forest cover changes arising from unsustainable utilisation practices.

The project is supported by the Natural Environment Research Council (NERC).

The University of Leicester is internationally renowned for its Space and Earth Observation research. The team travelling to Kenya includes Professor Heiko Balzter, Director of the Centre for Landscape and Climate Research at the University of Leicester, together with Dr Pedro Rodríguez Veiga and Dr Ciaran Robb from the University's Department of Geography and Dr Maggy Heintz from the Research and Enterprise Division.

Source: University of Leicester

Image credit: Professor Heiko Balzter - Professor Heiko Balzter at Karura Forest Reserve

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