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How democratised Earth observation data can radically change environmental debates

04 October 2016

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When it comes to environmental regulation, Justin Trudeau's Liberal Party has been extremely clear: Social license or ‘community buy-in' will be absolutely necessary.

"Public input will be sought and considered. Decisions will be informed by scientific evidence. Indigenous peoples will be more fully engaged in reviewing and monitoring major resource development projects. The process will have greater transparency," stated Natural Resources Canada (NRCan) on Jan. 27, 2016.

The need for public acceptance has been hotly debated in the public domain, both here in Canada and abroad, but its efficacy has been proven. When the public is onboard with a project, that spells a great deal of good for all stakeholders — businesses, communities, regulators, governments, and economies alike.

This is where democratized Earth Observation (EO) data can lend significant support to public conversations within and between communities, the media, organizations, and levels of government.

Source: UrtheCast

Image credit: UrtheCast