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New Commission space policy puts focus on improving people’s daily lives and boosting Europe’s competitiveness

26 October 2016

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EU space programmes already deliver services that benefit millions of people. The European space industry is strong and competitive, creating jobs and business opportunities for entrepreneurs. Today's proposal for a new space policy will foster new services and promote Europe's leadership in space.

Vice-President Maroš Šefčovič said: "The European Union is a key player in space policy. We want to build on that and use this leadership role strategically to create jobs and growth and deliver on our common policy priorities: security,climate change, transport, data economy, management of natural disasters. This requires cooperation with our partners and stakeholders in Europe and internationally. The Joint EU – ESA Declaration on our "Shared Vision and Goals for the Future of Europe in Space" to be signed this afternoon is another important step in that direction."

Source: European Commission

Image credit: European Commission