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As imagery market comes into sharper relief, DigitalGlobe looks at moving up GeoEye-2 launch

02 May 2014

Geospatial imagery and services provider DigitalGlobe on 1 May said demand for imagery of sharper resolution than what the U.S. government now allows for commercial sale appears so strong that the company could move up the launch date for its GeoEye-2 satellite.

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AsiaSat terminates deal to host GeoMetWatch sensor

24 April 2014

Commercial satellite fleet operator AsiaSat of Hong Kong has formally terminated its cooperation agreement with GeoMetWatch to place a hyperspectral meteorological sensor on the AsiaSat 9 telecommunications satellite now in development.

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Commerce Secretary calls risk of weather satellite gap 'too high'

11 April 2014

The U.S. commerce secretary says current weather satellite development programs are on track but nonetheless she continues to worry about a future gap in coverage.

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Global partnership for enhanced resilience to flood risk

31 March 2014

Under the lead of the European Commission's Joint Research Centre and the Dartmouth Flood Observatory (University of Colorado), the Global Flood Partnership was launched earlier this month.

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First industry report on Earth observation data distribution trends and strategies

27 March 2014

Data distributors and services providers have established themselves as a key component of the EO value-chain and an important partner of the EO satellite operators in order to disseminate data to the largest number of end-users possible.

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White House launches climate data initiative

19 March 2014

The White House launched an initiative Wednesday aimed at expanding the use of climate data nationwide, to help communities cope with the impacts of global warming.

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Austria joins World Bank's Water Partnership Program

13 March 2014

The Government of Austria has become the fourth donor to the World Bank's Water Partnership Program (WPP), joining the United Kingdom, The Netherlands and Denmark.

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International cooperation on climate monitoring from space takes new steps at EUMETSAT headquarters

10 March 2014

On 5-7 March, EUMETSAT hosted the first meeting of the joint Working Group on Climate of the Committee for Earth Observation Satellites (CEOS) and the Coordination Group for meteorological Satellites (CGMS). 

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African water and equatorial space weather focus of inaugural Alcantara workshop

27 February 2014

Researchers from three continents gathered at ESA's technical heart in the Netherlands for the inaugural Alcantara initiative workshop - fostering cooperation between research groups in Europe and those beyond, to jointly tackle key knowledge gaps in space research.

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What is GEO? A quick look at the Group on Earth Observations

18 February 2014

The 10th GEO Plenary in January marked an opportunity for the organisation to celebrate its accomplishments and set goals for the future. At Earthzine, this gathering also provided an opportunity to highlight the Group on Earth Observations.

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15 million pound investment seals UK/France space collaboration

31 January 2014

The UK Space Agency and the Centre National d'Etudes Spatiales (CNES) have today (31 January 2014) agreed a deal to work even closer together on space activities.

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France to make older Spot images available to researchers for free

23 January 2014

The French government has agreed to open its Spot optical Earth observation data archive and distribute, free of charge to noncommercial users, Spot satellite data that are at least five years old.

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The Group on Earth Observations looks toward a second decade of data sharing

06 January 2014

The image that best captures the raison d'etre of the Group on Earth Observations (GEO) - which is holding its 10th plenary in Geneva, Switzerland, this month - is not a satellite image. Strictly speaking, the image doesn't even fall into the category of Earth observation; it is a rather ordinary looking graph from a PowerPoint presentation used by Barbara J. Ryan, director of the GEO Secretariat, at a workshop hosted by the International Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing in Ankara, Turkey, in November.

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New mandates put the squeeze on NASA core Earth science missions

12 December 2013

In an era of flat budgets, the NASA Earth Science Division's growing role in offering sustained observations of various phenomena including ozone profiles and incoming solar energy is likely to diminish available funding for core missions, said Mike Freilich, head of NASA's Earth Science Division.

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Leading satellite industry associations in Europe and America seek to change the global conversation

03 December 2013

Coordinating an alliance of the world's leading industry trade associations, the Society of Satellite Professionals International announced today the launch of a global campaign to change the global conversation about satellite. Called the Industry Message Summit, the effort aims to focus attention on the industry's striking contributions to human welfare, safety and prosperity around the world.

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Industry Committee approves Copernicus, the EU's new Earth observation system

28 November 2013

Copernicus, the EU's new Earth Observation System, was approved by the Industry Committee on Thursday. Replacing the Global Monitoring for Environment and Security (GMES) programme, it will have a 3.79 billion Euro budget for 2014-2020. Its data will serve many purposes, including monitoring climate change and protecting public security.

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Free access to Copernicus Sentinel satellite data

15 November 2013

Free and open access to Sentinel satellite data will be granted for the Copernicus operational phase.

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RapidEye is now BlackBridge

06 November 2013

RapidEye has officially changed its name to BlackBridge. This change is the result of a two-year process of uniting all BlackBridge owned companies as one presence in the marketplace.

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DigitalGlobe revenue up sharply despite U.S. spending slowdown

01 November 2013

Satellite Earth imagery provider DigitalGlobe on 31 October said its U.S. government business is showing almost no effects of the budget issues that have frozen or reduced spending in most federal agencies, and that its commercial business was growing as well.

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Continuing resolution provides funding flexibility for weather satellites

18 October 2013

The spending bill passed by Congress on 16 October provides the U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) with temporary flexibility for whatever funding it needs to maintain the launch schedules for two key weather satellite programs.

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