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Earth observing CubeSats could soon help revolutionise weather forecasting

20 November 2017

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Over the past two years, we've seen an incredible leap in earth observation technology being launched into space. From last year's November GOES-R launch, which gave us our current GOES-16 or GOES-EAST, to December's CYGNSS deployment of a little fleet of satellites designed to measure tropical storm and hurricane intensity, to the brand new JPSS-1 Satellite just put in orbit, our ability to collect near realtime weather data from space is truly remarkable.

Almost every weather forecast, from our local predictions, to the very latest updates on hurricanes and severe weather outbreaks, depend on satellites to make them possible. In the past, weather satellites have usually been relatively big projects, both in the work required to build them and in physical size.

Source: WeatherNation

Image credit: NASA - MiRaTA CubeSat

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