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Hurricanes Harvey and Irma, the summer of all records

15 September 2017

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With Harvey and Irma, the summer of 2017 will remain in the Hurricane book of records. It will also be remembered by the actors of the Copernicus Emergency Management Service (EMS) who worked tirelessly throughout this intense period marked by many disasters.

On 13 August a strong depression started forming off the coast of western Africa. It was soon to be under the scrutiny of the US National Hurricane Center under the name of Harvey. The Copernicus EMS was then already quite busy responding to user requests for Rapid Mapping for forest fires around the Mediterranean and in Portugal, an unprecedented peat fire in Greenland, mudflows in Sierra Leone and Tajikistan, and plain floods in Germany or forest windfalls in Poland.

Source: Copernicus

Image credit: Copernicus EMS - Impact of Hurricanes Harvey and Irma this summer

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