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Large iceberg breaks off Pine Island Glacier

27 September 2017

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Latest satellite images reveal a new 100-square-mile iceberg emerging from Antarctica's Pine Island Glacier. The calving event did not come as a complete surprise, but is a troubling sign with regards to future sea level rise.

Pine Island Glacier (PIG) is the fastest melting glacier in Antarctica — one that's responsible for a quarter of the frozen continent's ice loss, around 45 billion tons of ice each year. Satellite images taken on 26 September show an open-water gap emerging between the ice shelf and the iceberg, which is about two thirds the size of the Isle of Wight (103 square miles or 267 square km).

Source: British Antarctic Survey (BAS)

Image credit: BAS - Polar View image of iceberg emerging from Pine Island Glacier taken on 26 September 2017.