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NASA gears up for brisk launch pace starting with weather satellite

14 February 2018

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Engineers at NASA's Kennedy Space Center tasked with overseeing launches of scientific satellites and interplanetary probes will be responsible later this year for ensuring six major missions safely get into space over a span of a little more than six months, beginning with the launch of NOAA's new GOES-S weather observatory on an Atlas 5 rocket on 01 March.

After overseeing the launch of NOAA's latest weather satellite, NASA plans to put up a spacecraft to search for planets circling other stars, a lander that will travel to Mars, a small satellite to study the interaction between solar activity and Earth's atmosphere, a probe to travel closer to the sun than any previous mission, and a mission to measure Earth's thinning polar ice sheets and glaciers.

Source: Spaceflight Now

Image credit: NASA/Kim Shiflett - The GOES-S weather satellite in a clean room at the Astrotech processing facility

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