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NASA to aid disaster preparedness in Rio de Janeiro

25 May 2016

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NASA has signed an agreement with Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, to support innovative efforts to better understand, anticipate, and monitor natural hazards, including drought, flooding, and landslides, in and around the city.

The collaboration will leverage the unique attributes of NASA's satellite data systems and Rio de Janeiro's monitoring and crisis management capabilities to improve hazard monitoring and disaster response. The agreement between NASA's Earth Science Division and the city's mayor's office was signed in December 2015.

NASA provides satellite imagery and data from its fleet of Earth-observing satellites that is openly available to the public. Products derived from these sources are of potential value to diagnose potential hazards within the region. The City of Rio de Janeiro will provide in situ data and evaluate the routine application of Earth-observing data for monitoring efforts, decision support, and action.

Source: NASA

Image credit: NASA's Earth Observatory/USGS - The greater Rio city environment.

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