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Operation IceBridge, ICESat-2 join forces to survey Antarctica

12 October 2018

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NASA's decade-long airborne survey of polar ice, Operation IceBridge, is once again probing Antarctica. But this year is different: it is the first time that the IceBridge team and instruments survey the frozen continent while NASA's newest satellite mission, the Ice, Cloud and land Elevation Satellite-2 (ICESat-2), studies it from space.

After successfully flying over the Bailey Ice Stream and Slessor Glacier in East Antarctica on 10 October, IceBridge will spend the next five weeks measuring changes in Antarctic sea and land ice while precisely flying under orbits of ICESat-2 to compare measurements.

Source: NASA

Image credit: NASA/John Sonntag - The Shackleton Range in Antarctica at sunset with snow blowing off the ridges, photographed during an Operation IceBridge flight on 10 October, 2018.

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