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Sentinels monitor volcanic Mount Agung

25 January 2018

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Observations by the Copernicus Sentinel satellites over Mount Agung in Bali, are helping scientists to monitor the ongoing eruption and identify any changes in magma pressure, possibly indicating whether a bigger eruption could occur.

In November 2017, Indonesian volcano Mount Agung began erupting once again, triggering the evacuation of more than a hundred thousand people and disrupting air travel. The previous 1963 eruption killed nearly 2,000 people, making it one of the most catastrophic volcanic events in Indonesian history and among the deadliest volcanic eruptions of the 20th Century.

Source: Sentinel Online

Image credit: DLR/ESA/BIRA/IASB - Sentinel-5 Precursor Sulphur Dioxide measurements over Mount Agung

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