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Looking into changes in European landscapes with the Copernicus Land Monitoring Service

06 June 2019

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Land is the foundation of our society and an extremely important source of economic activity. Land is also vital for filtering our water and hosting the biodiversity that helps sustain our livelihood. Efficient land monitoring is crucial to ensure rational and sustainable use of this precious resource.

To enable regular monitoring of our territories, the Copernicus Land Monitoring Service produces Corine (coordination of information on the environment) Land Cover (CLC), a product that provides a unique time series of information on land cover changes across Europe. First produced in the 1980s, it tracks our land cover and land usage. It has recently evolved into its 5th edition, with the release of the latest version of the product, CLC 2018.

Source: Copernicus

Image credit: European Environment Agency - The Ecosystems of Europe map (2019)

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