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Highly detailed night satellite images are ready to become commercially available

04 September 2013

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The specialists of ScanEx Research & Development Center conducted a pilot imagery of Moscow city on the night pass of the EROS-B satellite, flying over the city at 2:30 am local time.

A new product that combines day and night images was synthesised as a result of processing the received images. According to a leading specialist of the Research Projects & Information Department of ScanEx RDC Maria Dorofeeva, the product can be used to analyse the city's illumination, to detect illegal economic activities of enterprises, to analyse the building-up dynamics, as well as in assessing the consequences of natural disasters' impact on the work of urban power grids.

To date, EROS-B (operator - ImageSat Int.) is the only very-high resolution mission (0.7 m) which provides commercial services for satellite imagery tasking of the specified objects in the night time.

Source: ScanEx RDC

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